Building the Mainland

Building the Mainland

A proud NZ company, mainco handles building projects throughout Canterbury and the length of the South Island.

Qualified, experienced and expert, mainco builders are at the top of their industry whatever the location.

Utilising the latest equipment and plant, mainco achieves what some other builders cannot contemplate. Often. Bold claims? Not at all. Mainlanders frequently comment on how mainco’s people, systems and building approach fit their own.

Your building project is special. We get that. We take the time.

Talk to mainco about building, about capability, about possibility, about results. You’ll notice their enthusiasm. Clients depend on it.

Specified architectural constructors. Precisely what you’d expect from a true Mainlander.


Safety is the Measure

mainco embraces Health & Safety. You will see evidence of it everywhere on a mainco building site.

Every mainco builder has a Site Safe passport. All are first aid trained. And mainco has achieved ACC rating to the secondary level.

Rigorous on-site safety protocols are strictly observed: you’ll see building safety boards, sign-in stations and protective gear. Every time you come onto a mainco building site, you’ll receive a full safety briefing.

And you’ll see building scaffolding erected by our related organisation, whose people and equipment meet the most rigorous standards.

These are sensible, essential requirements … which sadly are not respected by some operators in the building industry.

Additionally mainco has made a commitment to the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter, which sets the standards for a consistent and collective approach to health and safety on local building worksites.

mainco, the standard in building.