The measure of a Great builder

The measure of a Great builder

When you’re building, renovating or carrying out home repairs, you can rely on mainco as your award-winning Registered Master Builder.

The Master Builders brand is recognised nationwide as the hallmark of quality, your independent assurance that mainco people are qualified and experienced builders who take pride in the quality of their workmanship and construction.

Not all builders meet the strict criteria to become a Registered Master Builder - they have to meet a broad range of requirements around qualifications and period of service, financial stability of the business and references. We believe these are the hallmarks of a true builder.

As a Registered Master Builder, mainco offers you:

  • A proven track record in building and business
  • Master Build Guarantees on residential work with a contract price of $25,000 or more
  • The protection of consumer-friendly Building Contracts
  • Full support and backup from the local RMB Association and the national Registered Master Builders Federation
  • A series of handy guide books: The Building Book, The Progress Payment Guide, The Home Maintenance Checklist, Homeowners Pre-Building Checklist and more

Real building quality, brought to Christchurch and Canterbury. And it doesn’t end there.
As part of its vision of Building Excellence, the Federation recognises its responsibility to add value to wider society by providing shelter and infrastructure through fair and ethical business activities.


Licensed Building Practitioners

nz mainco builders are officially Licensed Building Practitioners, and proud of it. The Building Act states critical work, known as Restricted Building Work, must be done by an LBP, under legislation in force since 2012 demanding better building design and construction.

It’s a regulated process where builders must demonstrate they meet industry-consulted building competencies. Look for the LBP builders logo. You’ll see mainco features it prominently.



Wise on site

Under SiteWise, the national Site Safe system grading the health & safety capability of contractors, mainco has achieved the exceptionally high score of 96% … the target is just 75%.