Quality people measuring up

Quality people measuring up

nz mainco excels because of the expertise of its people.

All building and support staff working on your project are chosen and specified to be there. You’re entrusting your job to fully trained and qualified career professionals, honed by many years’ experience in the demands and nuances of Mainland construction.

They’re at the top of their game … and when you talk to mainco you’ll discover they’re enthusiastic as well!

nz mainco recognises its responsibility to the future of its industry by training apprentices – several young tradespeople are currently in training and you may see them on your site.

Sure, that’s a commitment not shared by many companies these days, and it’s not been easy through the quake rebuild. But we believe it’s the responsible approach.

And as true professionals the company and its individual people carry an impressive list of qualifications – you’ll see the logos of Licensed Building Professionals, Site Safe and others around your project.

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